Daddy's First Christmas

Rusty and Jan

This song was inspired by a family tradition where each member draws a name to determine who they will make a Christmas present for. In 1986, Rusty drew his brother Richard’s name and wrote a song for him and his new son Richie. Thus the song was born.

We were blessed to have wonderful musicians join us on this project:

Vocals& Guitar: Bill “Rusty” Crowell, Flute: Jan Alba, Violin: Janet Marquardt, Cello: Michael Gilbert Rondstadt, Second Acoustic Guitar: Bob Harris,

Song written by Bill “Rusty” Crowell, Copywrite: 2013 Artist Website: Recorded/Produced by Bob Harris for Ampersand Records USA; Album Artwork: Lou Russo

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Original Music

Bill "Rusty" Crowell began writing original music in the early 1970's as a response to teenage angst and social consciousness. He was inspired by the music of artists such as: Pete Seeger, Gordon Lightfoot, Simon and Garfunkel, and James Taylor. While much of it is about personal feelings, it's also about events that effected him and his need to provide commentary. His music began to take new direction with the collaboration with flutist, Jan Alba. Together they provide a portrait of life on a musical canvas.

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