From the recording Pop's Train

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Written circa 1975 (all rights reserved)
Music and Lyrics by Bill "Rusty" Crowell
Dedicated to Rusty's parents William and Marguerite Crowell and Jan's parents Al and Carol Keefe for all the love and support they provided over the years.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Art Cohen at Alpenhof Studios
Rusty Crowell: Lead & Harmony Vocals and Guitar
Jan Alba: Flute
Michael G. Ronstadt: Cello


When times got rough, you showed your love
Thank you, Mom and Dad
When bad dreams came late at night, you made the world all right
Thank you Mom and Dad

When I thought no one could reach me
You would turn to me and teach me
All the dreams and love you shared through years of tears

Now that that I’ve become a man, I thank you for the helping hand
Thank You Mom and Dad
Thank You Mom and Dad