From the recording Pop's Train

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Written in 2020 (all rights reserved)
Music and Lyrics by Bill "Rusty" Crowell
Pays tribute to the special people we remember from our early childhood: teachers! Inspired by Rusty’s sister Peggy, a lifelong teacher.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Art Cohen at Alpenhof Studios
Rusty Crowell: Lead Vocals and Guitar
Jan Alba: Flute


She meets them in the morning and helps them start their day
She redirects the little ones who sometimes lose their way
She smiles at all the parents and she reassures their trust
She helps her little charges learn the things they must

She takes them to the classroom as they file down the hall
She helps them keep in order as they huddle near the wall
She helps them strip their coats and gloves and things that they must rid
She then begins the conversation with all her little kids

She tells the stories she has read so many times before
She sees that look of wonder as she reopens every door
She introduces peoples’ pasts and all the things they did
She gives her time, and work and heart to all her little kids

She teaches them of kindness and about the Golden Rule
She helps them use their little hands to handle daily tools
She does not stand for monkey business when one acts like a fool
She wipes the tears, and calms the fears, they also think “she’s cool!”

Instrumental Break

She starts them off upon the path that each of them must find
She teaches them to think and grow as she expands their minds
She holds a little sadness at year-end goodbye bids
She still loves each and every one of all her little kids
All her little kids
All her little kids