From the recording Pop's Train

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Written in 2022 (all rights reserved)
Music and Lyrics By Bill "Rusty" Crowell
Rusty's struggle with ADHD.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Art Cohen at Alpenhof Studios
Rusty Crowell: Lead Vocals and Guitar
Jan Alba: Flute
Michael G. Ronstadt: Cello


I thought I could change and deny my heart
And make another brand new start
I thought I could make a life that was “whole”
But you know I never had control

Feels like I failed right from the start
In school I never got good marks
I did the best that one boy could
I guess I failed, they said I would

I would deny the dreams I felt
They said I should “grow up and tighten my belt”
They said “Try harder” but I didn’t have a clue
That’s when I tripped and fell, that’s true

And then I failed when I got to work
They never saw my special worth
I did the best a young man could
We know I failed, I learned I would

You Know I tried to make them happy
And to be their kind of man
But I found that I was never built that way
For completion of their plan

“Normal” is all I wanted
So I did what I was told
I should have listened to that voice inside
Before my dreams got old

I will regroup, and start again
And seek Love from my true friends
I will begin to cast off the shame
I will not accept a life of blame

You see I’m singing from my heart
And I’m escaping from that dark
Looks like I’m beginning to see the light
Looks like I’m gonna be alright
They said I failed, but I’m doin fine
And I can live the life that’s mine
Said I’m gonna live the life that’s mine